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Craft Beers from around the world including a wide selection of Lager, Pale Ales, Amber Ales, Stout, Indian Pale Ales, Double IPA's and Cider.

Excellent range of Craft Beers at Egan's Off-Licence, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. 

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter
Hop hunter is the first beer to feature oil from wet hops steamed distilled within seconds of...  
Our Price€3.65
Gouden Carolus Triple
9% Belgian  Full graceful tenderness, with a clean and neat taste, this beer will...  
Our Price€3.55
O'Hara's Pale Ale
Zesty and refreshingly bitter, the finish is long. With a copper toned body topped with a lightly...  
Our Price€3.35
O'Hara's Stout
O’Hara’s Irish Stout has a robust roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth...  
Our Price€2.99
O'Hara's Red Ale
This Red stands out in this beer style category. The malt body is as impressive as a bock, albeit in...  
Our Price€3.35
O'Hara's Double IPA
A full-bodied, full on Double I.P.A. combining caramel and malt flavors with a well-balanced and...  
Our Price€3.95
O'Hara's Leann Follain Extra Stout
 True to it’s name, “Leann Folláin” being the Gaelic for...  
Our Price€3.65
Costello's The Red
Costellos is the next generation of brewers in Kilkenny, honoring age old traditions and...  
Our Price€3.55
Mescan Westport White
Mescan Westport White No 58 pours a hazy pale in color with a frothy white head. It is crisp and...  
Our Price€3.45
Delirium Nocturnum
8.5%  Belgian  Take a deep whiff of the Delirium Nocturnum to detect an aromatic...  
Our Price€9.49
Delirium Tremens
8.5%  Belgian  The allusion to the pink elephant consequence of delirium tremens of...  
Our Price€9.49
St Martin Blond
7%  Belgian  A round, balance and full flavor. In the mouth it is floral, elegant...  
Our Price€6.49
St Martin Brune
8%  Belgian  Dark and strong mahogany color. Light head that remains for an average...  
Our Price€7.99
La Trappe Dubbel
First place - Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival 7% Belgian  La Trappe Dubbel is a...  
Our Price€7.49
La Trappe Blond
La Trappe Blond is an agreeable, tingling ale with a slightly sweet, softly bitter and malty...  
Our Price€7.49
La Trappe Tripel
8% Belgian  La Trappe Tripel is a classic Trappist ale with a powerful and full taste. In...  
Our Price€7.99
La Chouffe Blond
8% Belgian  CHOUFFE is an unfiltered blond beer which is re-fermented both in the bottle...  
Our Price€8.99
Veltins Pilsner
4.8% German  Behind the tangy, herbal hop notes, this is quite a delicate beer and...  
Our Price€2.99
leffe Blond
6.6%  Belgian  Age-old expertise and the combination of pale malt, water, hop and...  
Our Price€2.35
(GLUTEN FREE)  4.2%  Poland   Light hop aroma and light...  
Our Price€2.00
5.1% Italian  Bittersweet, but fairly thin for the strength, with herbal notes from the...  
Our Price€3.85
Kinnegar Devil's Backbone
Devil's Backbone is a full bodied and full flavored Amber Ale with a hint of chocolate thrown...  
Our Price€3.70
Kinnegar Yannaroddy
Yannaroddy is rich in traditional dark roasted malt flavours laced with an exotic streak...  
Our Price€3.70
Ballykilcavan Bin Bawn
A generous dose of bittering and aroma hops create a well balanced crisp and refreshing Pale Ale.
Our Price€3.75
Brewdog Punk IPA
Layered with new world hops to create an explosion of tropical fruit and an all out-riot of...  
Our Price€2.99
Ballykilcavan Brickyard
Brewed with custom made caramel malt, this Irish Red ale has a rich malty base and a lingering...  
Our Price€3.75
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
The Torpedo is an assertive American IPA with a smooth and bready malt presence and over the...  
Our Price€7.20
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Craft Beers in Ireland

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